How to cook ginger fried rice

How to cook ginger fried rice

Prepare the ingredients. Chop your ginger as small as possible.

Personally I like to mix an egg with the rice. Preferably to use leftover rice. Crack an egg into the rice and add a tsp of salt.

Mix well.

This is how it should look like.

Heat a wok or pan over medium heat until hot, add some oil and swirl around.

Add gingers to medium heat fire and keep stirring.

Until the gingers turn golden brown.

Add the rice in.

And keep stirring in high heat.

Until all gingers mix well with the rice. Usually takes about 3 minutes.

Crack another egg into the middle of the pan.

Immediately mix well with the rice. Stir real quick until all eggs are cook.

And ready to serve. Enjoy!

Note: You can eat it as it is or add more ingredients such as corns, peas, prawns, sausages, carrots and etc. Anything you like

Watch the video: Ginger and Egg Fried Rice. 薑蛋炒飯. Simply Cooking (January 2022).