Facebook Alters Newsfeed Algorithm – What You Need to Know

Facebook Alters Newsfeed Algorithm – What You Need to Know

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If you haven't heard, Facebook just this week has changed their newsfeed algorithms to make more content from friends and family appear on your feed. The effects of this mean that any page you follow on the website will be filtered more heavily, so you may see less from your favorite pages. This doesn't just effect Interesting Engineering, but any page you follow, and there are a few steps you can take to make sure you keep seeing your favorite content.

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As Facebook seeks to refine their algorithms, they have responded to private polling that suggests users want to see more content from friends and less from pages and publishers. While this is generally good, as it may eliminate some annoying content from your feed, it may also mean you will see much less from your favorite pages. To get around the new algorithms and make sure you keep seeing content from pages like Interesting Engineering, here are the steps you can take.

Visit any page which you want to see more content from and press the down arrow by the "liked" button. From here, you can adjust the status to "See First," which means that anything the page posts will be displayed at the top of your newsfeed. If you leave it as default, Facebook's algorithm will likely restrict viewing. If you really like a page, you can also turn notifications on to alert you when new content is up.

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Beyond this step, if you really want to make sure you see certain content on your feed, you can dig deeper into Facebook's newsfeed settings. By clicking on the pencil icon next to "in your news feed," a more detailed menu will appear. By going into the notifications tab, you can adjust what kind of posts you would like to be notified of, if any.

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As mentioned before, this will work for any page you follow, and doing so will ensure you see the content you want to see despite any changes in Facebook's future algorithms. If you are keen to following Interesting Engineering but don't want to fool around with Facebook notifications, you can also follow us on Snapchat. Username: intengineering

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